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1 Central Heat Clop, Early WIP
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The Cast

In addition to all the well known canon characters we got these little fellows.

Mayor Rose Heartthorn

Rose Heartthorn, disillusioned by all the fake morals in the world, left her home in Canterlot and wandered out seeking everyone who felt the same. Years later, in the middle of the desert, she came across a ghost town called Central Heat. Together with her followers she reconstructed the town and was it's Mayor since that day.

Minty Spice

Very quirky, but her history is entirely unknown. She lost her memory and was found by Mayor Heartthorn on a beach.

Midnite Storm

A former Wonderbolt candidate. She was disqualified for seducing every other candidate. She is talented enough to get a spot without cheating, but she lost interest in a stingy organization like that. Nite applied for the Shadobolts, but never received a reply.

Alegra Firestare

Alegra grew up in the Equestrian Underground, which is a hidden realm deep under Equestria. She left and returned to the surface for undisclosed reasons, where she became a traveling prostitute. She met a special stallion during her work and married him. Currently she's traveling the world to learn everything kinky.

Artificial Pony Omega

Constructed thousands of years ago by an ancient civilization to match the powers of the Spirit of Chaos. Omega was buried and forgotten together with this civilization. She was found, reactivated and reprogrammed by Alegra.

Sister Mary Hetaera

A nun on her crusade to cleanse the impure, with the help of her "divine rod" and "holy water".

Nurse Lana Leash

Your typical school nurse. Nothing wrong with her. She just loves to drink blood, especially of fillies. She's not a vampire, though.

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