As soon as you arrive in the Village, a black unicorn with a deep red, wavy mane approaches you. "Welcome to Central Heat, traveler! I am Mayor Rose Heartthorn. I hope your visit will be most satisfying." She gently touches your cheek and suggests you to follow. When she turns around you notice her cutie mark. It's a heart bound with a spiked band. [[Just Follow->Central Heat: Intro 2]] [[Ask her about her cutie mark.->Heartthorn]]Soon after passing the first buildings you hear moaning out of different directions. [[Ignore the noises and keep following the Mayor.->Central Heat: Intro 3]] [[Ask about the noises->Central Rape]]"My, aren't you forward? Let's just say I'm good at making people feel good in a very solid manner." She smirks over her shoulder back at you, before walking into town. [[Follow.->Central Heat: Intro 2]]While walking through the town you hear more and more very obvious sounds that are usually not heard in public. The Mayor suddenly stops. "This is our destination. Town Square! We all meet here at noon and at sundown to eat." [[Continue...->Central Heat: Intro 4]](set: $rape = true)"My people are very passionate. Rape is a popular pastime around here. You just pick someone you like and fuck em. If they resist, which is rare, just ask a passerby to help you.” She leads you along the main road. "We have a couple of famous guests right now. Maybe you can meet them later." [[Keep Following.->Central Heat: Intro 3]]The entrance hall is very nicely decorated in mostly reddish tones. It smells like lavender. (if: (history:) contains "The Slutty Mare")[ The receptionist smiles at you.](else:)[ The receptionist greets you as soon as you enter. "Welcome to The Slutty Mare!" She smiles. "If you want a room..." She points at a couple of pictures on the wall behind her. "Sorry, I'd love to give you another room, but only The Classroom is available. It is pretty and comfortable, though."] (if: $room is true)[ [[Go to your room->The Classroom]]](else:)[ "12 Bits per night." [[Take Room 11: The Classroom->The Classroom]](if: (history:) contains "TSM Dungeon")[](else:)[ [[Ask for The Dungeon->TSM Dungeon]]]] [[Leave->Town Square]]This building seems barely used. It's dusty. (if: $clock is 0)[The Mayor is sitting at a desk on the far end. [[Talk to Mayor Heartthorn->Heartthorn TH]]](else:)[The Mayor isn't in right now. ] [[Read Special Rules and Regulations->Rules and Regulations]] [[Read Oddly Eyecatching Book->Oddly Eyecatching Book]] [[Leave->Town Square]](display:"TOD Controller")It is $now. (if: $clock is 0)[A new day!] (if:$clock is 0 or $clock is 2 or $clock is 4)[The town square is mostly empty. ](else:)[The town square is packed with loads of different ponies eating food off eachother. ] [[Go to The Slutty Mare->The Slutty Mare]] [[Go to Town Hall->Town Hall]] [[Go to General Store->General Store]] [[Go to The Strip->The Strip]] (if: $back is true)[[[Go to Back Alley->Back Alley]]] You stand in front of a bright neon sign. "XXX & More - We're (if:$clock is 1 or $clock is 3 or $clock is 4)[Closed" ](else:)[Open" [[Enter->General Store: Inside]]] [[Leave->Town Square]]She points at various buildings around. "This is The Slutty Mare, our only inn. It was a brothel in the past. The rooms are still themed. I like the Dungeon!" She giggles. [[Continue...->Central Heat: Intro 5]]"The Town Hall is right across. If you want to see me I'll probably be there. And over there is our general store. That's it for now. Have a nice stay!" The Mayor flicks her hair and winks at you before striding away. [[Continue...->Town Square]](if: $minty's fucked is true)[She stares at you. "Again? You'll break me. OK let's do it!" ]Insert hard pounding and fukkery in twelve different positions. (if: $cock is true)[[[Blow your load into her and leave->Town Square]] ](if: $cunt is true)[[[Squirt all over her face and leave->Town Square]] ] (set: $minty's fucked = true)(set: $rape = true)An impressive golden plate is presented on a podest in the middle of Town Hall. (text-style: "italic")[Central Heat Est. 1504 This town is exempt from national and international laws regarding sexual activity. Only the rules on this plate apply. 1. Rape may not be prevented by anyone except the victim. 2a. Causing permanent injuries or death has to be permitted by the victim. 2b. Causing permanent injuries or death on minors must be permitted by their respective Guardian. 3. Pregnancies resulting from incest have to be under observation of a medical expert.] [[Back->Town Hall]]{(set: $clock = $clock + 1)(if: $clock > 4)[(set: $clock = 0)(display: "RESET Characters")](set: $now to $tod[$clock])}(set: $heartthorn to (datamap: "age", "adult", "fucked", true)) (set: $minty to (datamap: "age", "young adult", "fucked", false)){(set: $heartthorn to $heartthorn + (datamap: "fucked", false))(set: $minty to $minty + (datamap: "fucked", false))}{ (set: $clock = 1) (set: $tod to (array:"morning", "noon", "afternoon", "evening", "night")) (display: "INIT Townhall Random") (display: "INIT Characters") }(set: $feast to (array: "You recognize the Mayor. She seems busy feeding a filly with her hind legs.", "You see Minty. She's lying on a table with an apple in her mouth, a cucumber in her cunt and a carrot in her ass.", "You don't see anyone you know."))You are in a very rundown area. (if: (history:) contains "Back Alley")[](else:)[ A couple of signs indicate open businesses.] [[Go to The Clinic->The Clinic]] [[Go to The Spilling Horsecock->The Spilling Horsecock]] [[Go to The Dripping Filly->The Dripping Filly]] [[Go to The Town Square->Town Square]]You're outside of The Clinic. (if: (history:) contains "The Clinic")[This place still doesn't feel right.](else:)["Need patching up after a rough night? Or medicine for your throat, to be the hit of your next sleep-over? The Charm Charmington Clinic for all ages provides every medical service you could want." The advertisement, with a grinning doctor on it, is barely readable. Somehow you feel like they'd steal your organs if you stayed here any longer.] [[Leave->Back Alley]]A brothel. The blackboard at the wall reads, "The one place to fulfill every desire!" This location seems to be out of business. (if: $rape is true)[Well in a town where you can just fuck anyone anywhere this would be pointless anyways.] [[Leave->Back Alley]](if: $clock is not 4)["The Dripping Filly Bar - Open at Night" is written on a nice little metal plate on the door.](else:)["The Dripping Filly Bar - Open at Night" is written on a nice little metal plate on the door. You try to open the door, but it seems locked.] [[Leave->Back Alley]](if: (history:) contains "Heartthorn TH")[She notices you, but doesn't look up from her desk.](else:)["Welcome, again. Can I help you?"] (if: $rape is true)[ [[Fuck her!->Heartthorn TH Sex]]] [[Ask about Work->Heartthorn TH Work]] [[Leave->Town Hall]]You approach the Mayor and try to casually make a move on her. (if: (history:) contains "Heartthorn TH Sex")[She doesn't look up from her desk. You feel a sharp pain jolting through your body. You have been impaled by thirteen transparent magic tentacles coming out of the Mayors horn. Everything turns dark. The last thing you hear is a soft moan.(set: $mock = "Seriously. She's the Mayor of a town full of sex offenders. Did you really think making her angry was a good idea?") [[The End->Killed]]](else:)[In the blink of an eye black transparent tentacles wrap around your neck, pull you up and strangle you. "Never in the Office! Approach me like that again, and you officially consent to bodily harm at my discretion." She yells and throws you out of Town Hall. [[Continue...->Town Square]]](if: (history:) contains "Heartthorn TH Work")["I really don't have any more time." She says.](else:)[She smiles. "The Back Alley is giving me a bit of an headache. But that's none of your business. Keep away from that area and have fun."(set: $back = true)] [[Leave->Town Hall]] You have been killed. What a pity. $mock [[Restart->Intro]]This is your room.(if: (history:) contains "The Classroom")[](else:)[(set:$room = true) It definitely looks like a classroom.] It is $now. (if: $clock is 0)[A new day!] (link:"Rest")[(display:"TOD Controller")(goto:"The Classroom")] [[Leave->The Slutty Mare]]The receptionist shrugs. "It's broken. Again. We'll fix it soon." [[Continue...->The Slutty Mare]](if: (history:) contains "The Strip")[](else:)[This is the road you came along with the Mayor on your first day in town. The most noteworthy building is the abnormally huge school. Aside of that there is only The Movie Theater. ]The main road of Central Heat. [[Go to Catty Licks General School->Catty Licks General School]] [[Go to The Movie Theater->The Movie Theater]] [[Go to Town Square->Town Square]]Outside of the school's gate. A huge red warning sign notifies visitors that sexual activity on the schoolyard and on hallways is forbidden to prevent clogging. It is signed by Mayor Heartthorn. [[Enter the Schoolyard->Schoolyard]] [[Leave->The Strip]](if:$clock is 1)[The schoolyard is filled with ponies of all colors, races and ages.](else:)[The schoolyard is empty.] [[Main School Building]] [[Female Dormitory]] [[Leave->Catty Licks General School]]A group of female delinquents block your path. [[Engage->Delinquent Battle]] [[Leave->Schoolyard]]Right in front of the entrance to the female dormitory lies a stallion. He's chained to the ground belly up. His body is covered in hoofprint shaped bruises and dirt. (if: (history:) contains "Doormat Ask")[](else:)[[[Talk to the doormat->Doormat]] ][[Leave->Schoolyard]]The moment you try to engage them, they have already pinned you down. Four of the young mares hold you up and spread your legs, while the fifth relentlessly kicks your groin until you pass out. [[Ouch!->The Clinic: Inside]]You wake up in a bright white room. No one is here. [[Leave->The Clinic]]"G-Greetings" His voice is very weak and he seems to be in pain. "I haven't... spoken to anyone for d-days." [[Ask why he lies there->Doormat Ask]] [[Leave->Doormat Beg]]"I-I'm a teacher at this school. I kissed one of my... students. Which would be fine, b-but I did it in the hallway. I have to... lie here until all female students v-vote for release." In that moment three mares come out of the dormitory and trample the guy on the floor without even looking or slowing down. He squirms a little. "D-Did you see the one who came out first? That's... my daugther." He smiles. "I'm so proud of her." [[Leave->Schoolyard]]"P-please. Could stay?... Just a minute." [[Listen->Doormat Ask]] [[Leave->Schoolyard]]The ticket guy is fumbling around with his tie. "We have the new Lusty Love Movie. 4 bits per admission. 2 for children. If you intend to masturbate or have sex during the movie, please keep as quiet as possible." He looks at you, waiting for the money. (if: (history:) contains "The Movie Theater")[He doesn't seem to recognize you.] [[Leave->The Strip]](if: (history:) contains "General Store: Inside")[The floor is still sticky. The young mare swayes around with her eyes closed.](else:)[The floor is sticky. A quirky, young, white earthpony with a shaggy green mane greets you. She seems to be a bit sweaty and exhausted. "Hello! I'm so sorry. I made a mess just before you came in. The new toys are just too good. Want one? This one's used, I'll give you half off! Or maybe I can give you this free on top!" She waves a pair of stockings around. "Those were worn by yours truely for a week! I also have..." She continues chattering for a while.] (if: $rape is true)[[[Fuck her!->Minty Sex]] ][[Leave->Town Square]]A friend of yours sent you off to a vacation in the desert. An oasis town in the middle of the desert to be exact. The chariot drops you off at the first patch of grass outside of the town. The pegasi, who brought you here, seemed conflicted about getting you closer and aggreed that this is far enough. You walk the rest of the way towards the town. [[Continue...->Central Heat: Intro]] (display: "INIT")The book describes many unbelievable myths. One of them is about the oasis this town is build around. (text-style: "italic")[In the space between reality and fantasy lies a magical forest. A place where all creatures are equal, speak and walk on two legs. To find it you must drink the water of the oasis at midnight, and jump into the lake at high noon the next day. Only those of pure heart are allowed to enter the forrest.] This is obviously a prank. What does pure heart even mean? (if: $rape is true)[Especially around here.] [[(TEMP) How to Purify]] [[Back->Town Hall]]Meet Sister Mary Hetaera, a unicorn nun, and be cleansed by her "divine rod" and flushed with her holy water, inside and out. The magic she subconsciously casts on you will enable you to access the forest. [[Back->Oddly Eyecatching Book]]I am... (link:"Female")[(set: $sex = "female")(goto:"Sex Equip Select")] (link:"Male")[(set: $sex = "male")(goto:"Sex Equip Select")]I have... (link:"Cunt")[(set: $cunt = true)(set: $cock = false)(goto:"Intro")] (link:"Cock")[(set: $cunt = false)(set: $cock = true)(goto:"Intro")] (link:"Both")[(set: $cunt = true)(set: $cock = true)(goto:"Intro")]I am... (link:"Earthpony")[(set: $race = "earth")(goto:"Sex Select")] (link:"Pegasus")[(set: $race = "pegasus")(goto:"Sex Select")] (link:"Unicorn")[(set: $race = "unicorn")(goto:"Sex Select")]